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2013 CoC Project Ranking & Allocation


Jan 14


CoC Program Funding Information

The Buffalo/Erie County Continuum of Care has completed the rating and ranking of local applications submitted for the 2013 HUD Continuum of Care (CoC) Program funding.  We apologize that this has taken so much time, but there were significant changes in the 2013 NOFA and the CoC Project Selection Committee wanted to be confident that it is making good strategic decisions.  A total of thirty six (36) renewal and seven (7) new projects were submitted.

As you are already aware, there is insufficient federal funding available to meet the annual renewal demand (ARD) for FY2013. CoCs are once again required to place all projects into two tiers.  Tier 1 represents the ARD for our CoC minus 5%.  Tier 2 represents the difference between Tier 1 and the maximum HUD request which is the total ARD plus CoC Planning Funds.

Complete ranking information and funding decisions for all projects submitted can be found by going to the following link:

2013 Project Ranking and Allocation Worksheet