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City of Buffalo Emergency Solutions Grant Request for Proposals


Jun 18


Full City of Buffalo Emergency Solutions Grant Request for Proposals

Rapid Rehousing is a United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funded Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) program dedicated to serving homeless individuals and families, helping them quickly exit homelessness and return to permanent housing. Per HUD regulations, this program can serve both literally homeless (HUD defined Category 1 homelessness)
The City of Buffalo is soliciting proposals from qualified not for profit entities to provide Rapid Rehousing services over a 12 -month period, from October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019. The city has allocated a total of $245,000 in ESG funding for this effort. Funds will be allocated to provide Case Management and oversight, direct assistance (security deposits, rent, utilities, moving costs), to homeless individuals and families, and other costs associated with delivering a successful Rapid Rehousing effort.

The Rapid Rehousing program is designed to assist homeless individuals and families who are currently staying at shelters, living on the street or in place not meant for human habitation. . Its intent is to secure permanent, stable housing as the foundation for addressing other needs faced by the homeless. Your proposal can serve families, individuals, or be used as a bridge for the chronically homeless while they are waiting for Permanent Supportive Housing. ) Homelessness documentation for all individuals and families served in this program will be required.

To be considered, your proposal must provide a minimum one-to-one match for the program delivery funding that is requested; additional matching funds may result in a higher rating. The city may select one or more of the proposals received, based on the quality of the submissions and the available funding; but also reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. Collaborative applicants are encouraged to apply. Applicants must be aware that all ESG programs are awarded on a reimbursement basis: agencies must have sufficient funds on hand to carry on the program throughout the contract period. Despite our best efforts, there may be a delay is the release and/or reimbursement of funds for this program.
The Continuum of Care Committee will review applications and conduct interviews, and the Homeless Alliance of WNY will be assisting the city with project management.