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Coordinated Entry

An effective coordinated entry process evaluates and connects those most in need in the community with the most appropriate available resources for their situation as swiftly as possible–the process should be low barrier, housing first oriented, person-centered, and inclusive. HUD’s primary goals for coordinated entry are that assistance be allocated as effectively as possible and that it be easily accessible no matter where or how people present. In the coordinated entry process clients all receive the same assessment (depending on their household type) at the shelter point of entry and are prioritized by highest acuity. The assessment tools used for coordinated entry are intended to help guide case management and improve long term housing stability outcomes. Please see below for the assessment tools used by providers in the CoC, the Coordinated Entry Written Standards, and further resources and information about the coordinated entry process.

(Click for larger image)     Coordinated Entry System Flowchart

(Click for larger image)     Coordinated Entry for PSH and RRH in Erie County


corrdinated entryMatt Urban PSH Referral Packet

The latest CoC Written Standards for NY508-V.09,2016 were approved by the NY508 Continuum of Care full membership at the September, 2016 Homeless Alliance Meeting.

Coordinated Entry Assessment Tools:

Resources and Tools for Coordinated Entry: