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CoC Performance

Latest CoC Quarterly Performance Reports:

FY 2018 Quarter 2 Performance Report 4/1/2017-3/31/2018

FY 2018 10/1/2017-9/30/2018:

FY 2018 Quarter 1 Performance Report 10/1/2017-12/31/2017 (Updated 2/21/2018)

FY 2017 10/1/2016-9/30/2017:

FY 2017 Quarter 1 Performance Report 10/1/2016-12/31/2016 (Updated 3/9/2017)
FY 2017 Quarter 2 Performance Report 10/1/2016-3/31/2017 (Updated 5/30/2017)
FY 2017 Quarter 3 Performance Report 10/1/2016-6/30/2017 (Updated 7/20/2017)
FY 2017 Quarter 4 Performance Report 10/1/2016-9/30/2017 (Updated 3/12/2018)

FY 2016 10/1/2015-9/30/2016:
Quarter 1 Performance Report 10/1/2015-12/31/2015
Quarter 2 Performance Report 10/1/2015-3/31/2016 (Updated 6/9/16)
Quarter 3 Performance Report 10/1/2015-6/30/2016 (Updated 8/2/16)
Quarter 4 Performance Report 10/1/2015-9/30/2016 (Updated 3/9/17)

System Performance:
System Performance Measures Guide
FY 2016 System Performance Report (posted 6/5/17)
FY 2015 System Performance Report (posted 8/17/16)

A critical aspect of the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, as amended, is a focus on viewing the local homeless response as a coordinated system of homeless assistance options as opposed to homeless assistance programs and funding sources that operate independently in a community. To facilitate this perspective the Act now requires communities to measure their performance as a coordinated system, in addition to analyzing performance by specific projects or project types.

The Act has established a set of selection criteria for HUD to use in awarding CoC funding in section 427 that require CoCs to report to HUD their system-level performance. The intent of these selection criteria are to encourage CoCs, in coordination with ESG Program recipients and all other homeless assistance stakeholders in the community, to regularly measure their progress in meeting the needs of people experiencing homelessness in their community and to report this progress to HUD.

In response to the new HUD requirements, we have had some community wide discussions to help the community understand and take part of improving system performance by improving each program’s performance. HAWNY also releases Quarterly Performance Report to ensure each project understand its performance compared to the rest of the system and will be able to make improvement quickly. Up to date information on performance measures and benchmarks can be found in the latest quarterly report.

2.23.16– The CoC invited all CoC members to join us in a discussion on program performance. The discussion includes reviewing all HUD current benchmarks; creating local benchmarks for all programs types within CoC and ESG funded programs; creating local measurable performance measures that could help ensure system wide consistency on providing the services and linkage the clients needed.

Here are the results of the discussion: roundtable discussion

3.31.16– The CoC held the ESG & CoC Community Priority Roundtable Discussion. The discussion included reviewing current funding program types and populations; discussion on future funding priorities; discussion on funding distribution and prioritization for different geographic areas. 3.31 community priorities meeting summary and minutes.

5.18.16– The CoC invited members to discuss barriers to client employment, develop solutions, and brainstorm ideas for the planning grant RFP. The roundtable included a group brainstorming activity and presentations, as well as an opportunity for service providers to share successful techniques.  Here are the minutes and results of the group brainstorming: CoC Employment Roundtable Discussion.

6.21.2017– The CoC invited all members during a regularly scheduled monthly HAWNY meeting to share and discuss System Performance Measurements being used for the HUD’s Continuum of Care 2017 NOFA. Here are the measurements discussed at the meeting: 2016 Performance for 2017 NOFA

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For more information about these reports, contact Kexin Ma or Joelle Dyer at HAWNY.