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Youth Task Force

The Youth Task Force’s purpose is to bring together key players in the community to end youth homelessness through collaboration and a shared vision. Each member of the Task Force brings a unique perspective to the table – and each new perspective is a piece of the puzzle we need to end youth homelessness. 

The Youth Task Force of Erie County will focus on ending youth homelessness in Erie county for unaccompanied youth aged 11 to 24 years, and the Youth Task Force of Niagara County will do the same for Niagara County.

For more information on the Erie County Youth Task Force, contact Ariel Peters at [email protected] or Nadia Pizarro at [email protected]

For more information on the Niagara County Youth Task Force, contact Christine Slocum at [email protected]

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2018 Meeting Minutes: 

Youth Task Force Agenda 10.30.18