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HMIS New User Orientation

Getting Started with HMIS

Welcome to New User Orientation for the Homeless Management Information System managed by the Homeless Alliance of WNY! You have been asked to complete this training program as part of the preparation for a new role at your organization. The training process for HMIS contains 4 key phases that must be completed in order. The average time to completion is 2 weeks, depending on how long you need to master the material.

HMIS Training Process

  • Phase 1: Pre-Training Complete Module 0: New User Orientation (you are here). Once you have completed your User Agreement and passed the New User Orientation Mastery Quiz, you will be able to schedule your Live Training Session on the Calendar.
  • Phase 2: Live Training Attend your one-on-one session with the training coordinator to walk through the HMIS workflow for your organization’s HMIS projects.
  • Phase 3: Independent Learning Create your own client profile on the HMIS training site, following the independent learning assignment given by the trainer. When you’re finished, submit your client’s ID number to the trainer for feedback and corrections.
  • Phase 4: HMIS Access Login to your HMIS account once you have successfully finished your client profile using the login information provided by the trainer. Don’t forget to attend your agency’s annual HMIS refresher session each year to maintain system access and keep your skills current.

Module 0: Overview & Learning Objectives

The goal of Module 0 is to provide you with a foundational understanding of what HMIS is, it’s purpose, and why you are being asked to complete this training program.

Knowledge: What will you need to understand?
  • What the CoC program is, how our CoC operates, as well as the role that HMIS plays in maintaining grant funding.
  • The types of client information that can be stored in HMIS and when it can be shared.
  • The HMIS user expectations and code of ethics, along with the consequences of violating the user agreement.
Skills: How will you apply this information?
  • Match project and funding types.
  • Leverage secure data sharing practices.
Best Practices: What are the long term implications for your work?
  • Recognize the role of your organization within the larger ecosystem of agencies & providers across our region.
  • Internalize  the importance of protecting client data.
  • Confirm your understanding of the established consequences for violating the terms of the HMIS user agreement.
Estimated time to completion: 30 Minutes – 1 Hour

Module 0: Getting Started with HMIS

Step 1: New User Orientation Video

Please watch the entire New User Orientation video in preparation for the Orientation Mastery Quiz.

Step 2: New User Orientation Mastery Quiz

Answer all of the following questions to the best of your ability. You must receive a score of 85% or more to continue on to schedule your live training session.

Open the quiz in Google Forms!

Step 3: HMIS User Agreement & Code of Ethics form

Please download and sign the following form. Once you’ve finished, please email your completed form to the Homeless Alliance of WNY Training Coordinator, Alissa Steele, at [email protected].

2023 General User Agreement and Code of Ethics 2023 General User Agreement and Code of Ethics

Step 4: Scheduling Live Training

Once the Training Coordinator has received your Mastery Quiz results and your signed User Agreement and Code of Ethics form, she will reach out with the next steps for signing up for a live training session to the email address provided. Please allow for up to 72 business hours to receive a response.

What information will you need to schedule your training session? If you don’t know the answers to any of the following questions, please contact your supervisor or HMIS agency administrator.

  • Your work email address.
  • The project names and ID numbers that you will need access to in HMIS.
  • Describe the work you will be doing with clients:
    • Outreach or Shelter: I will be working with clients to help them gain access to both emergency shelter and supportive services
    • Coordinated Entry: I will be assisting with the inter-agency referral process.
    • Housing: I will be providing either rapid- or long-term support to clients through housing.
    • Supportive Services: I will be assisting clients in obtaining benefits, receiving care, and stabilizing.
    • Administration or Management: I will be assisting with program compliance and data quality at my organization.
  • Does your organization participate in Coordinated Entry?

Have questions? Contact Alissa Steele at [email protected].