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CoC Funding Competition

About the Competition

HUD’s Continuum of Care (CoC) homeless assistance program serves as a source of funding for homeless services in Erie, Niagara, Genesee, Orleans and Wyoming County. The lead agency coordinating these services (CoC Lead) is the Homeless Alliance of Western New York (HAWNY).  HUD awards homeless assistance grants through an annual application process known as the CoC Program Funding Competition. The competition is a two-step process made up of local and national funding application. First, homeless service providers submit a local application in response to the Request For Proposal (RFP) released by the HAWNY, the CoC lead. Projects that make the selection list through the Rank and Review Process will advance to the federal application process. Second, projects selected submit a national application through E-snaps in response to HUD’s Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). HAWNY prepares the Collaborative Application for the CoC NOFO and provides technical assistance to projects applying for CoC funding, however, applicants are responsible for the preparation of both the local application and, if selected, the HUD electronic submission through e-snaps.

Projects that are eligible for the CoC funding are Joint Transitional Housing and Rapid Rehousing(TH-RRH), Rapid Re-Housing (RRH), Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH), Supportive Service Only Coordinated Entry Project (SSO-CE), Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), and CoC Planning. Renewal projects and new projects are reviewed separately based on the criteria and principles detailed in the CoC Funding Guide. The Local Request for Proposal, which details the funding opportunities and application process, will be published on HAWNY’s website.


CoC-Approved CoC Consolidated Application for FY2023 CoC Program Competition
CoC-Approved Priority Listings for all New, Renewal, and Replacement Projects listings

For comments or questions about the Consolidated Application or Priority Listing, please email to [email protected].

FY2023 NY508 CoC Local Ranking and Funding Allocation

This funding guide outlines the CoC application process, the Rank and Review process and project criteria.

Competition Timeline and Milestones

FY2023 CoC anticipated timeline (will be updated when event occur and deadlines are set)

May 17 — Release of CoC Funding Guide
May 19– Performance data correction due date
May 24 –Release of local renewal application
May 31– Local renewal application instruction and Q & A webinar
June 21 –Local renewal application due date
July 5– HUD NOFO release
July 14- local new project application request for proposal (RFP) release
Aug 23 –local new project application due date
Sept. 12- All project ranking result release
Sept 25– CoC Collaboration Application and priority listing release (completion of HUD application for this year’s competition)



Previous NYS CoC award per year and NY-508 local approved application

FY2022 New York State CoC Award
FY2022 Local Application Ranking

FY2021 New York State CoC Award
FY2021 Local Application Ranking

FY2020 New York State CoC Award
Due to Covid, no local application process in FY2020. All renewals were auto-renewed

FY2019 New York State CoC award
FY2019 Local Application Ranking

FY2018 New York State CoC award
FY2018 Local application ranking

FY2017 New York State CoC award-Tier 1 and 2
FY2017 Local Application Ranking

FY2016 New York State CoC award-Tier 1 and 2
FY2016 Local Ranking

FY 2015 New York State CoC award-Tier 1 and 2
FY 2015 CoC Local Final Ranking 

FY 2014 CoC Awards
FY2014 CoC Local Ranking and Funds

FY2013 Local Ranking-final
FY2013 CoC New Project Funding Awards
FY2013 CoC Renewal Project Award