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Local Report on Homelessness

The Homeless Alliance of WNY publishes reports of homelessness in the five-county region that we serve. The information is from HMIS, departments of social services, and providers. HMIS serves as the primary data source and nearly all agencies in the five-county area who are not on HMIS provide aggregate counts. Increased coverage of HMIS has led to an improved understanding of homelessness in Western New York.

If you have any questions about the annual report, please contact Nate Pyzikiewicz, [email protected].

Homelessness Facts & Research Reports:

2022 Report

2022 Homelessness Summary Brief

2021 Report

        2021 Homelessness Summary Brief

2020 Reports

COVID-19 Survey Analysis

Coordinated Entry Process Review

2020 Annual Reports and Briefs

2020 Homelessness Summary Brief
2020 Erie Homelessness Brief
2020 Niagara Homelessness Brief
2020 Genesee, Orleans, and Wyoming Counties Homelessness Brief

Other Recent Reports

2019 Veteran Homeless Brief (Published 3/31/2020)
Voices for 2020 Report (Published 10/12/2018)
Strategies to Address Family Homelessness in WNY (Published 10/12/2018)
Analysis of Racial Disparities in WNY Homeless Services – Published 10/10/2018

On June 23, 2016, New York State Office of the Comptroller released an audit of emergency shelters. Check it out here.

Map of the NY-508 Continuum of Care

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