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Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program

Erie and Niagara Counties received $3.59 million dollars towards the creation of innovative new programs to end youth homelessness. This grant process a community-wide assessment and evaluation before and during implementation. The community is working with a HUD technical assistance provider, as specified by the process, to move forward. Updates will be posted to this page!

Prior to designing new and innovative projects, a Coordinated Community Plan is required to be developed and then reviewed by HUD.

Click here to check out the Coordinated Community Plans from Round 1 and 2

The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness have have five criteria for ending youth homelessness:

1. The community identifies all unaccompanied youth experiencing homelessness.
2. The community uses prevention and diversion strategies whenever possible, and otherwise provides immediate access to low-barrier crisis housing and services to any youth who needs and wants it.
3. The community uses coordinated entry processes to effectively link all youth experiencing homelessness to housing and services solutions that are tailored to their needs.
4. The community acts with urgency to swiftly assist youth to move in to permanent or non-time-limited housing options with appropriate services and supports.
5. The community has resources, plans, and system capacity in place to continue to prevent and quickly end
future experiences of homelessness among youth.

Technical Assistance Meetings

10/2/2019 – Kickoff meeting Power Point

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